News Official Eien no Aselia Localization From JAST USA


Dakkodango is pleased to announce that we’re cooperating with JAST USA to publish an official English language version of Eien no Aselia. JAST has already acquired the English localization rights from Xuse, and will be using Dakkodango’s translation for this release. We’re excited at this chance to introduce Eien no Aselia to a much larger audience. Aselia fans and those who have had difficulty finding the original Japanese game are encouraged to support visual novel localization and purchase a copy. Keep an eye out at JAST USA for forthcoming news.

News Eien no Aselia English Patch 1.05


We’ve released version 1.05 of our Eien no Aselia patch. This patch fixes all the spelling and grammar errors reported in the 1.04 patch. Since very few new errors have been reported in the past few months, this will likely be our final Eien no Aselia patch release. The new patch can be found on our downloads page. It can be safely applied over any previous patch version. A big thanks to everyone who helped make this release as error-free as possible by posting on our forums.

In other news, those who enjoyed Eien no Aselia may be happy to hear that a translation project for the sequel, Seinarukana, has been started over at TLWiki. The game is being translated by NightEye159, who some may recognize from his previous translation work on the series. Dakkodango staff members Phlebas and Echomateria are helping out with the translation as well. The project is already off to a promising start. Eternity Sword fans are encouraged to go check it out.

News Eien no Aselia English Patch 1.04


We’ve released version 1.04 of our Eien no Aselia patch. This patch addresses all the typographical errors that have been reported on our forums so far. Find the patch on our downloads page. Version 1.04 can be safely applied over any previous patch version.

News Eien no Aselia – Kono Daichi no Hate de English Patch Released


Dakkodango is proud to announce the release of our second translation, the English localization of Eien no Aselia – Kono Daichi no Hate de. The patch can be downloaded at our downloads page. Make sure to visit our forums to report any errors or discuss the game.

Extras for Eien no Aselia, including subtitled op videos, world maps, a walkthrough, and more can be found here.

It is recommended that anyone still running our internal patch should now update to this version, which contains the necessary fonts.

EDIT: Version 1.02 released. Fixes an out of memory exception for some machines with less RAM.

EDIT: Version 1.03 released. Fixes an issue with Lesteena’s route. Fixes erroneous warning messages in the installer for some versions of Windows. Minor spelling corrections. This patch can be installed over any of the previous patches without problem. Updating is recommended.

News Eien no Aselia Update: Script Translation Complete


We’ve finished Aselia’s route, which means the full game script has now been translated and edited.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our editing staff, all of the game’s routes have already been well-polished and tested. All that remains is to make the installer and do some final internal testing before we release the patch. Due to the complicated route divergences in this game, we won’t be doing a public beta this time around. You can expect a patch release within a month.

Here are some statistics about the translated script:

2127 images with text that required editing.
906 scenes (more if you include transition scenes and battle dialogue scripts.)
2.47mb (4.17mb with game logic scripting code included. )
452,353 words.

For reference, our Tears to Tiara script was 158,980 words. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is about 454,000.

News Eien no Aselia Update: Esperia Route Done


We’re done with Esperia. We’ll now finish up with Aselia’s route (the longest one.)

News Eien no Aselia Update: Orpha Route Done


We’re done with Orpha’s route. Just Aselia and Esperia left.

News Eien no Aselia Update: Lesteena Route Done


We’ve finished Lesteena’s route (not a very long one). Now only the three main heroine routes are left.

News Eien no Aselia Update: Uruka Route Done


We’ve finished Uruka’s route. Four routes to go.

News Eien no Aselia Update: Chapters 4-5, Kyouko, Tokimi Routes Done


We’ve finished the full main storyline, plus the two expansion routes for Kyouko and Tokimi. This puts us about 2/3 of the way through the script. Now, we just need to finish the route-specific scenes for Aselia, Esperia, Orpha, Lesteena, and Uruka.

Thanks to Zergrinch, we now have karaoke subtitles for both versions of the OP video (Xuse released separate OP videos for the PC and PS2 versions of the game.) Comment on which one you like better.

PC Version:

PS2 Version: