News Eien no Aselia Update: Esperia Route Done


We’re done with Esperia. We’ll now finish up with Aselia’s route (the longest one.)

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  1. Parame Says:

    I think the ero content in this one is only for the sequel of the game. (Not sure though, I can’t read japanese and didn’t try yet any of those game since I’m waiting for the translation ^^).

  2. flamesoul32 Says:

    The version with the sequel is the non-ero version. It’s a port of the PS2 version brought back to the PC.

  3. Parame Says:

    But there is ero in the sequel right?

  4. Phlebas Says:

    You can refer to the announcement post, or FAQ post on forums for the details.

  5. firebolt126 Says:

    Man, that last 10% is killing me. 1% a week gah! ..Must……have..patience!!!

  6. Mega Says:

    patience is a virtue……………..or so they say

  7. cenizits Says:

    In my opinion, the wait is the best part.

  8. Parame Says:

    I’m pretty sure that the best part for me, is when I’ll be able to get the translation ^^.

  9. InfiniteChaos Says:

    haha gotta agree Parame another 6% to go^^.

  10. Echo Says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t call the wait the best part by any means… The best part is when the translation has just been released, AFTER waiting for it all that time. And yeah, the buildup does make that all the more exciting, which I assume is kind of what you were trying to say.

  11. joe Says:

    I am watching the meter daily.

  12. Parame Says:

    I just started Agarest Generation of war on PS3. It’s a lot like EnA (well mostly).
    Strategic RPG, you move on the map kinda like Eien No Aselia. There is romances and it’s kinda original.
    You start as the hero, and as the story progress you’ll have to choose a wife. Depending on the wife your child will be different (in looks and stats), and you’ll switch at some point to your child to continue on the story.
    There are 5 generations, each with different girls and different heroes. There is an alignement gauge as wel l(evil and good depending on your actions and choices, not sure what it does yet).
    I’m just at the begining, at first I bought it to pass some time while waiting for EnA, but it’s really engaging, and apparently there are 100 hours of gameplay (20 for each gen), and I’m almost overwhelmed by all the choices… So there might be some nice replay value (not to mention romancing all the girls xD).
    Here is the US trailer :

  13. echomateria Says:

    I don’t think Record of Agarest War has any similarities with Eien no Aselia. Unless you consider a SRPG with dating sim bits is “a lot like” a VN with SRPG bits…

  14. Parame Says:

    Well I didn’t play EnA, just watched some youtube vids. But I didn’t say they were really similar, just they are alike in lot’s of ways.
    They are both S-RPGs with dating sim as you mentioned. Both have VN like dialogues (you know the usual with the BG the girl and the dialogues). You roam the world the same way (the map, with dots on it for each lcoations).
    And well I guess that’s it, I can’t really say more since I didn’t start EnA yet.
    But IMO they are enough alike that EnA fans could be interested in Agarest (which is why I mentioned it here if there are people like me looking for something to play while waiting for EnA :p).
    After that it’s always possible to say that even though they are the same kind of games they are not similar because the story or the fighting is different <_<, but that was not really my point.

  15. BigM Says:

    I hope the next translation project is Sword 2…

  16. Metarail Says:

    As seeing you are nearing completion of Aselia, I was wondering if you had chosen your next project yet? And as you seemingly like to translate fantasy RPG VNs, might I suggest you to do Ikusa Megami Zero as your next project? Along with Aselia it’s considered one of the best of it’s kind there and it would be wonderfull to get some of the Eushullys games translated. Or you could do Ikusa Megami Verita (well in this case it would probably raise questions whatever it should be translated before it’s prequels) as it’s probably released by the time you get Aselia out and are looking foward next project, that’s unless it really flops, but considering Verita already looks better than Zero I doubt it’s going to flop. But in the end what you end up doing after this, do what you enjoy most yourself.

  17. Parame Says:

    I’m personally more interested in “Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2” as it looks even better than EnA.
    But if the team was to choose one of your propositions, I would be overjoiced as well. Those games are looking really good, Verita being the best looking one of the both suggestions. The art is awesome, and the girls pretty xD.

  18. Snow Says:

    Well, what about Valkyrie Complex?

  19. mega Says:

    now, now. let them finish it before we start to bombard them with suggestions for future projects (hmm….. didnt i second one such suggestion a bit back…..meh, whatever 😛 )

  20. echomateria Says:

    I heard that the Manga Gamer is going to release Valkyrie Complex. Though I forgot where, so take it with salt for now. And yes, it’s not a good idea talking about next projects while a project is already going on, not in the next six months after it’s completion either 😉

  21. TheGreenLink Says:

    Epic 1% jump is epic.

  22. Parame Says:

    Indeed :p.

  23. Ziodyne Says:

    I’ve been refreshing this web like crazy for the past week.

  24. Alcion Says:

    Pfft just the last week?

  25. Dual Blade Says:

    Wow another epic jump, way to go guys

  26. Mahou Says:

    Jeebus, less than 3% to go!

  27. TheGreenLink Says:

    Epic 1.2% jump after 1% jump is just plain win. Talk about an amazing translator…

  28. mega Says:

    only 2,8% left now 😉

  29. Masamune Says:

    Ah not long to go now!

    Since i been following this since near the beggining
    seeing it this close to completion brings a tear to my eye, lol joking!

    Anyway i hope the wait was worth it and the game is good.

  30. Mane Says:

    The progress really has picked up since the start of spring break! Really looking forward to playing this.

  31. Alcion Says:

    Just the past week?
    And epic 1.2% jump is even more epic.

  32. Meowminator Says:

    I was wondering………since Ive already applied the aselia fix downloaded from the Xuse website to the original jap game…….will it make things different with the patch? should i NOT have applied the fix? =x

    And record of agarest war is good in the start but halfway through the third gen you start noticing its craziness…….and its just gets worse from there……i regret ever buying that game……

  33. AQZT Says:

    Now if only we had an epic 2.2% jump, there would be no more troubles in the world.

  34. Fhoenix Says:

    Meowminator, I am thinking of buying Agarest too. What is this crazyness that you speak of?

  35. kinunatzs Says:

    is there a evil route all age’s ver.?

  36. Meowminator Says:

    Well, first of all, the version i am talking about is last year’s Ghostlight release of Agarest in the UK, so things might be different in the new release.

    Agarest well… quite fun for the first 2 generations or so..even some into the third. But the difficulty of the game changes quite radically, and not only do you have a “turn limit” (limited number of battles you are allowed to fight) if you want to get the “true end”, so you cant grind, once youve made a mistake, its impossible to make up for it, whether it be in the heroine choices or w/e. Also even though i stopped playing the game halfway though 3rd gen, a friend of mine played it all the way through, and what he tells me is… was pure torture to complete the game. The game punishes you severely in the later chapters….(random enemies that kill your whole team in one normal attack, and are immune to physical and magical damage, anybody? Oh and you cant run from them) So yeah…

    You might like the game though, who knows, but i do reccomend not buying it on impulse after taking a look at the nice art….like i did xD.\

  37. Parame Says:

    Lol I’m already having trouble with the difficulty and I’m at the first generation :p.
    Still I think it’s a good buy even if I do not go past gen 3 (out of the 5).
    I mean I paid the game 25 euro, for 35 I had the collector version. And apaprently the game is like 80 hours long. So even if I play 40 hours, it’s still a good hour/euro rate I think.

    Only 2% to go for EnA ^^. Last dash until the goal line :D.

  38. roze Says:

    omg only 2% these days the progress was very fast :O

  39. Snow Says:

    Well since it’s a new release maybe things will be different? I don’t know, I’m still planning to get it nonetheless.

  40. Suzaku Says:

    next week !!!!! agh………… i can`t wait !!!

  41. TheGreenLink Says:

    Cheese is a machine, but is a machine a cheese?

    I wish I could donate to this group… >.>

  42. randomfur Says:

    Wow, It’s already 98%; this made my day. Thank you Dakkodango.

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