News Eien no Aselia Update: Orpha Route Done


We’re done with Orpha’s route. Just Aselia and Esperia left.

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  1. Ruwi Says:

    woot!! I hope the beta patch will be release soon aswell 🙂

    nice work guyz, thnx 4 d work guyz 😉

  2. TheGreenLink Says:

    I’m guessing that it’d be a bit odd to beta test this… It’s kind of a long game. I’m guessing they will hand out the translation immediately and correct the errors those people find. This could be wishful thinking, though.

    Anyway, I can’t wait until this is finished, it looks really good.

  3. clc88 Says:

    good work!

  4. Mkilbride Says:

    Alright…I loved TtT, I can’t wait for this, I hope it’s as good, or even better!

    Visual Novels are one of my favorite things, and to combine them with RPG’s? Another favorite of mine…epic.

  5. heavenhunter Says:

    Cool, your work is amazingly fast.
    Thank you for the work.

  6. lightl Says:

    nice so close now

  7. nanaki422 Says:

    Great work! can’t wait until the patch has been completed

  8. Belgaesh Says:

    Waiting for the release, thanks for the updates and progress so far.

  9. Mega Says:

    great!!! amazing how fast you do this

  10. Alona Says:

    Your speed is amazing. Do you sleep anymore? 😉

  11. roze Says:

    Great work 🙂

  12. Parame Says:

    Those heroines all look too loli for me :s.
    Thankfully Uruka doesn’t look that loli.

  13. Mahou Says:

    Loli hater D:< jk I too prefer well endowed women or at least non-loli, lolis make nice imoutos though ;p

    Keep up the great work!

  14. Phlebas Says:

    Orpha is the only loli heroine, though most of their builds are pretty miniscule. You can’t say no to killer lolis. At least not twice.

  15. Fhoenix Says:

    16% left for two routes? Is Aselia route significantly bigger than all the others?

  16. Phlebas Says:

    Based on previous posts it seems the past 3 routes were ~18% of the script in total, so given that Lesteena route is really short they shouldn’t be THAT much longer, but yeah Aselia and Esperia should be the longest routes.

  17. Maou Says:

    Sengoku Rance is a great game, and it’s still keeping me occupied because it can, but I always wanted to play Eien no Aselia for a long while now. So thanks for working on it.

    Loli are love, especially killer ones who don’t see any problems with killing. And please them me honorifics were kept. Don’t think I can enjoy a VN or the characters as much without them.

  18. Phlebas Says:


  19. Mister T. Says:

    You are doing a great job,
    thank you for translating this game for us.

  20. X-Calibar Says:

    I haven’t said anything recently…
    But, the fact that the project is on the final stretch is truly awesome.

    Finally, I’ll be able to see what the fuss is about 😀
    Yes, yes, yes!!!!

  21. cruelAngel Says:

    Thx for the work guys, great job !

    15% more to go!! GoGoGo !! 😛

  22. Shiryuudan Says:

    oh no…. i deleted my Eien no Aselia – Kono Daichi no Hate de accidentaly
    can someone uploaded it, i will be really thankful if you do
    Banzai to dakkodango

  23. Mega Says:

    or you could do like a few (ive got no illusions) of us and actually buy the game. i spent quite a bit to get it myself……never knew that importing something could cost more than double of the item itself 😛


  24. kinunatzs Says:

    no update?

  25. Kagaminsama Says:

    good luck !! ill wait for the patch… XD


  26. NEKOSAMA Says:

    ganbatte mina!!!
    good luck you’re almost there!! it would be nice if u notice games like Alter ego
    or Eternal, for a future project,

    you are awesome, we like devoted fans, just praying for everything to go smoothly. ^^

  27. Kiryu Says:

    Has anyone here played the Japanese version yet?

    If so how is the game, would like to know before i buy, thanks.

  28. Gladiator Says:

    Is this game compatible with Windows Vista?

  29. Phlebas Says:

    Yep. At least patched.

  30. mega Says:

    if it continues at this pace it will be done this mnt or the next!
    i can hardly wait 😀

  31. AQZT Says:

    I personally want Seinarukana to be your next project. I bet a lot of people here agree.
    But then again, I guess that it’s too early to really start thinking about the next project considering that we still have at least another month of translating left.
    I wants it NAO!!!!

  32. Gladiator Says:

    Thanks. I have a question about the routes. Do you go through all the routes in a row or do you pick one female route and if you want to try the other girl’s route, you have to make another playthrough?

  33. Phlebas Says:

    One route per playthrough.

  34. Gladiator Says:

    So, how long is one playthrough? With the longest route.

  35. Parame Says:

    About this route thingy, is it possible to keep a save, let’s say, at half the game (or any other place in the game) that we can use to restart the game to try other routes rather than having to start from scratch each time? That way when we finished the game once or twice, we won’t have to do it all over again to see the other girls’ route.

    Or are the choice that decide which girl you prefer all over the game so you can’t really change route at one particular point?

  36. lightl Says:

    well would not really want to do that since your data carry over on subsequenent playthrough etc
    I.e. lvl skills and such

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