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Dakkodango is pleased to announce that we’re cooperating with JAST USA to publish an official English language version of Eien no Aselia. JAST has already acquired the English localization rights from Xuse, and will be using Dakkodango’s translation for this release. We’re excited at this chance to introduce Eien no Aselia to a much larger audience. Aselia fans and those who have had difficulty finding the original Japanese game are encouraged to support visual novel localization and purchase a copy. Keep an eye out at JAST USA for forthcoming news.

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  1. encubed » News Archive » Eien no Aselia to use Dakkodango’s translation Says:

    […] translation has made a post on their blog stating that now they are cooperating with JAST USA to produce the English version of […]

  2. Alvalio Says:

    u guys wont work with new translations…? japanese RPG for PC are the best, but few ppl translate it…

  3. AKA Says:

    I got a few questions about the release of JAST.

    1. Are they going to using the censored graphics or are they including some of the adult graphics like you have?

    2. Are they releasing the uncut ver.? or are they releasing the ver. you translated?

    3. Can you give an estimate on when this game will be released?

  4. nope Says:

    I’m pretty disgusted that you chose to translate an EROge but translated the version with no hcgs simply because of your own personal prejudice with some of the cgs. But I’m even more disgusted that your translation of the “improved” version is getting an official release.

    You are truly petty and childish. I have no words to properly express my disdain for you. Thanks to your selfish, asinine decision the ORIGINAL version will never see the light of day.

    And before you retort with “BUT THE GAMEPLAY AND STORY”, this is an eroge with rpg elements (an rpg minigame even) as in it’s all about the heroines and story (specifically the story with said heroines; cgs included) not an rpg with cgs and the chance to sweet talk some girls. Somehow, however, in your vast fatuousness you seem to have forgotten this crucial point and chose to translate a gimped version for the ps2. This version exists because a ps2 game could not be released with actual h cgs and of course in order to get the game to a larger audience and in turn make more money. You can mindlessly spout that this version has many improvements but you miss the point entirely of this game. An eroge is about heroines (h cgs and all) and the stories with heroines or routes (evil and all). Cgs bring text to life and when that text is ero in nature of course the cgs will be hcgs. I’m beginning to talk in circles.

    Just because you have a problem with certain cgs doesnt mean you should translate an edited, chopped up version, let alone allow that version to see a retail release.

  5. Ret-con Says:

    @nope: I find it even more childish to be crying over h cg’s. It seems to me you’re whining because they cut out your fap material.

  6. Shiroux Says:

    lol that was hilarious….everything that was posted is more or less nonsense. But for argument’s sake, let me ask a few question.
    1. How does DD’s EnA project related to JAST’s decision of which version to release? If JAST wanna make money, they would have a higher chance to translate the full version as most non-japanese fan would want that instead of just another copy of the same thing.
    2. You said that EnA’s rpg element is a minigame?….ARE YOU SERIOUS!!? LOL
    3. I think I read it somewhere why DD chose this version of the game and it was quite reasonable and I’m sure Kyouko and Tokimi route has something to do with this. And why would it matter you what version they chose to translate? lol…if you don’t happy, don’t touch it and just shut up.
    4. I can partly agree that eroge is about heroine, route, and h-related stuff but for me, I put this game in the VN category. What the different you ask? For me, eroge is a game with decent plot, no gameplay whatsover, and a few heroine to choose from. VN is a visual version of a proper novel with great story, sometime with gameplay as extra, great characters and everything else that a novel would have. WITH ERO OR NOT.
    5. …..the rest is nonsense…., right? lol

  7. Erem Says:

    You have really got to get over it. So what if the H scenes are removed are u saying that the plot wasn’t good enough for the game so they would need to heavily rely on it. Of course some people would rather the H version but who are you to criticize what DD translates. If you want to see the H version get released so badly why don’t YOU go and translate it.

  8. echomateria Says:

    Jast Densetsu originally planned to release an English localization of latest version of the Aselia with the erotic content and all the expanded story.

    Xuse told them that they can use a translation that they had prepared in the past but did not use. When these resources turned out to be for the PS2 version instead, making them extremely hard to use on the latest PC version. Not willing to direct resources and years to salvage these or to re-translate the whole game and do everything all again from scratch, they decided to go with the version we at Dakkodango released. Because this is only the beginning…

    PS.It is planned to be released any day now.

  9. Shun Says:

    Got mine in the mail yesterday! Quite glad to have this game! Also Major props to the release format. No annoying DRM for the win! I also like seeing fan-translation groups and the Companies working together to bring an official release for me to purchase!

  10. nope Says:

    learn Japanese first
    Fap later

  11. unkind Says:

    @nope: the gameplay is good, go away.

  12. meh Says:

    I find it poor judgement to cut the ero scenes. Why? It’s not because of fap material. It’s because that as a translator, you mangle the work as it was intended by the creators. I haven’t played AnE at all but it’s obvious the creator wanted to present an additional dimension of the characters with the H scenes. Seriously, a massive amount of (visual) novels and movies out there have a part in which (it is at least implied that) the characters have sex. The H scenes were there in the original release for a number of reasons and, frankly, forcing your taste on the audience is bad practice. You could’ve at least left in the scenes untranslated for fuck’s sake. Or given an option.

    I am a translator too (not EnJp and not manga/anime) and if I encounter a line that can best be translated as “go be raped by a horse, you fucking AIDSface”, then no matter my objections to that line, I will translate it as such and leave the judgement to my audience.

    It’s one of the fundamentals of a translator: “You are not a scriptwriter”.

  13. yeahhh Says:

    Yeah dammit, Dakkodango should’ve translated the original version with the ero, and ignore all the useless improvements to the UI and battle system as well as the bunch of new scenes and expanded stories for Kyouko and Tokimi, because those are just totally unimportant to the story. In the spirit of a good translator, making sure the fans get the ero is obviously much more important since they add more dimensions than expanded material for character development, backstory, and other useless crap.

    I don’t even play this game or know what’s going on; just feel like giving my protip and criticizing you for translating this for free.

  14. Shiroux Says:

    before you talk nonsense, you should do a throughly research on the material first.
    First of all, it’s not AnE….it’s EnA!. Second, I do agree that anything that’s in its original form is best but it’s not DD that make the decision to cut anything or leave anything behind. There are many version of EnA officially released and one of those is Kono Daichi no Hate De which originally intent for PS2 audience but later port into PC. That’s the version DD translated…..and before you object by asking why they won’t translated the original….i wanna say that it’s their decision, not yours. and if you have a problem with that, I would recommend you to shut the fuck up!.

    “In the spirit of a good translator, making sure the fans get the ero is obviously much more important since they add more dimensions than expanded material for character development, backstory, and other useless crap.”
    seriously? i didn’t know that…
    although, I think that Tokimi route alone is better than your so called “dimensions”.

  15. yeahhh Says:

    It’s called sarcasm.

  16. Shiroux Says:

    lol your sarcasm sure doesn’t sound like one.

  17. Grateful Leecher Says:

    @Shiroux I actually laughed at the first like of yeahhh’s post. I thought it was quite obviously sarcastic…

    Thank you to Dakkodango Translations for the.. Translation! 🙂

  18. james Says:

    You guys really should do some translations again.

  19. demonic-lord Says:

    ill straight up say this once and wont reply to anything cause ill forget and come back here in 4 years time anyways…. im not going to get the game nore try to pirate it for the main reasion im a huge pervert i agree with alot of these guys saying about the ero and the other half defending dd’s choice yet i still wont dl the original for i cant read jap but if some one dose have it i might pay them just to translate the whole bloody thing just so i can enjoy a game that was originaly created but in english if the storey line is so compelling they why take something out when you could of made it a side storey or a sepatre buyable thing making the perverts all out there to buy the extra content for there h seans and yes my spelling is horrible but 1 question if you took out all the h stuff in Sengoku rance how would most of you feal?

  20. lol Says:

    Good job f@ggot you just made sure I don’t buy this game, even though I wanted to play it. I won’t even p1rate it either.

    Translators have no right to determine what they will or won’t translate, I’m sick and tired of games and mmos getting sh!t excuses of ‘translations’ just because some whiny f@ggot doesn’t like some perfectly legal fictional content that hurts his feels.

    F!ck you, move to China or North Korea, you anti-american.

  21. 18+ when Says:

    when are we going to get the 18+ patch for this game. Also the evil route and other things that english-only players are missing out on.


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