News Eien no Aselia Update: Script Translation Complete


We’ve finished Aselia’s route, which means the full game script has now been translated and edited.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our editing staff, all of the game’s routes have already been well-polished and tested. All that remains is to make the installer and do some final internal testing before we release the patch. Due to the complicated route divergences in this game, we won’t be doing a public beta this time around. You can expect a patch release within a month.

Here are some statistics about the translated script:

2127 images with text that required editing.
906 scenes (more if you include transition scenes and battle dialogue scripts.)
2.47mb (4.17mb with game logic scripting code included. )
452,353 words.

For reference, our Tears to Tiara script was 158,980 words. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is about 454,000.

48 Responses to “Eien no Aselia Update: Script Translation Complete”

  1. echomateria Says:

    I hope everyone enjoys playing Eien no Aselia as much as we enjoyed playing and working on it’s translation. But I have a word of caution:

    When I first started playing EnA a few years ago, after hearing all the praise about it, I was a bit puzzled. In it’s first couple of scenes, graphics and sounds were of lower quality than I got used to experience in other VNs and it looked like yet another high school comedy/drama. While they fixed the sound quality in later releases and shortened the game’s prologue so the story may start with a faster pace, the graphics are still the same.

    But I must say this; as I kept playing the game, I got used to those graphics and later begun to love them, even though there are still some CG’s that I can’t accept no matter what, I can honestly say that I really like this game’s graphics now. And the story… it turned out to be way better than ever I expected.

    To sum it up, I recommend everyone to play this game and to keep playing it, even if initially you come to think that it wasn’t what you were expecting. As you keep going, you’ll be happily surprised realizing that it is way beyond anything that you ever hoped it to be, and find yourself unable to stop playing one more route… and one more…

  2. Lusor Says:

    I want your children

  3. ShredDave Says:

    A great thanks to Dakkodango’s staff, your dedication is admirable.

  4. AQZT Says:

    1 whole month huh…
    *Looks at Watch*
    This wait is going to be torture…
    But you guys are still the best Dakkodango!!!

  5. unkind Says:

    awesome, looking forward to it!

  6. Masamune Says:


    Congratz guys, glad to se your not realisng it right
    away as i have a few games i’m trying to finish before
    the patch comes out, Resonance Of Fate and
    Dragon Age should help pass the time.

  7. lightl Says:

    nice job, cant wait to put EnA to use now, nice job for a 3 man , , took about 11.5 months

  8. etern Says:

    You guys are awesome!

  9. Delstius Says:

    Good job for completing the main part !
    Let’s hope that you won’t have much issue with your testing during this final phase 🙂

  10. ManZ Says:

    Now I won’t get any sleep tonight 😉

  11. Stanislav Says:

    You are simply awesome! What a rush! You are the best! I just hope that you will translate someday the second game! 🙂 (but i am so glad, that you made this! 🙂 )

    Dakkodango 4 Pres! 🙂

  12. Samson Says:

    Wow….what amazing speed….

  13. Mahou Says:

    Congratz on completion and thanks for all you hard work and effort.

    Look forward to the release.

  14. Empty Says:

    This is like a dream come true.

    I’ve always loved things which had a lot of content. Especially games.

    So I’m very happy that we’ll be able to finally play this game in roughly a month!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    There will be lots people checking this site every hours.

  16. InfiniteChaos Says:

    Awesome you guys finished at an amazing speed now to wait for the official release.

  17. Alcion Says:

    I…I….you all….

  18. HackAsmodeus Says:

    Wow, you guys are awesome! You really blazed through those last few percents, lol!

  19. kinunatzs Says:

    a whole month?

    Congratz on completion

  20. kinunatzs Says:

    i thought it take a day or a week to Finnish the installer

  21. nanaki422 Says:

    you guys rock!

  22. Parame Says:

    Wow incredible! That much text? !!
    More than 2000 to edit? Dakkodango’s editing and translating staff is just mighty…

    So around a month left huh? This is going to be a long and harduous wait ^^. Still after all the work you guys have poured in this, I would have waited a year or two ! (A month is definitively better though xD).

    Amazing job guys !

  23. Azure Says:

    Congratulations on completing the translation. Take your time on the installer. Then go take a good break, you guys deserve it ^__^ . Once again, thanks for doing this m(_ _)m .

  24. Dual Blade Says:

    Congratulation guys, honestly can’t wait to play the game (one month argh!!)
    thanks for all the hard work
    Good luck on the installer, Godspeed

  25. Kaijimboworld Says:

    Wow…..been watching and watching ever since 5 months ago and now im finally replying something. Great jobs Dakkodango staff. Don’t need to rush it now and take your time ;D

  26. anon Says:

    i think i’m gonna cry…FINALLY! I’m gonna play this game till i puke.
    Hope you will translate the next one as well.

  27. LEX Says:

    Congratulations and thank you! The last 4%’s speed was legen-wait for it-dary! I eagerly await the release.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Great job guys! it’s a long road ’till today, but you’re almost done! I am looking forward to playing this epic game.

    Hope that you will translate narukana 2 too! I really like the plot on that game, but never got my head around the battle system. [my kanji is very weak lol]

    Hi 5 up!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    you guys are the best cant wait till the release really thank you

  30. Anonymous Says:

    450k words translated?? Wow!! I’ve been waiting for some time for this translation, I guess I could wait another month XD Thanks for the hard work, you guys rock!

    Maybe you guys will translate Narukana as well? Truth be told I’ve already finished that game once with the Satsuki route, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the translation of it ^^ I hope Xuse would release a battle-skipping patch though, I wouldn’t want to go through all the battles again XD

  31. MaverickHL Says:

    Congratulations on the completion of your translation, I hope your future projects will be the same if not better.

  32. wingzeus Says:

    i’ve been following dakkodango since 1 year ago, when i accidently found your TtT-english patch by googling :)….. you guys rocks! take a good rest!

  33. korean Says:

    Wow, i finally can enjoy playing Eien no Aselia. Thx

  34. clc88 Says:


  35. Niipa Says:

    Roughly 450,000 words. Wow. Good-job and congratulations!

  36. Nibel Gilguem Says:

    Amazing, it only took you guys a year, a three man team and it only took you that long? Some even take years in translating VNs with less than 200k words. Truly, you have my gratitude.

    Just be sure to rest, none(Well not really as some do) wants you working yourselves too much.

  37. CD Says:

    Mmm. I know it’s been said already, but you guys are really impressive. You’re MUCH faster than teams with MORE members. I’ll definitely continue visiting your site to check for your next project!

    Thanks for the hard work, even if it wasn’t intended for me specifically~

  38. mega Says:

    H-H-H-H-HOLY SH*T.
    booya, now this is going to be the longest month in my life (so far at least).
    super great work to finish it as fast as you have done. especially considering the sheer amount of content this game has, and as have been said earlier other groups with more than double your staff takes MUCH longer to release vn’s with barely half the text of this one.

    p.s sorry for eventual grammar errors in my post, im just too exited!

  39. HackAsmodeus Says:

    lol I agree with echomateria’s original post (about the graphics). I can’t help but feel annoyed every time I see the CG’s and how…odd they look. But I’m sure I’ll learn to get over it, like I got over TtT’s character sprites…

  40. anonymous Says:

    Thank you for everything!

  41. thanks Says:

    finally long awaited VN!

  42. silvermoon Says:

    wow guys!! you’re the best!! Thank you and Keep up the good work!!

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Great job guys, bringing another great work to english. And if I may ask, are still going to continue translating?

  44. Reo Says:

    I’m glad that it’s finally done with the script, thanks for all the hard work. Hope the patch will be done quickly, looking for it! =)

  45. Perko Says:

    Thank you for your work!

  46. anonymous Says:

    My finals are in two weeks. Im hoping the patch gets released this week or in 3 weeks otherwise im gonna have to say fuck finals.

  47. Kaito Says:

    You know what? I would so hired you all. Dedicated work, awesome translation, and overall…..PERFECT :D~ Thanks for making this game possible to play in English. Waiting another month or so is fine so take your time doing what you guys need to do. God Speed and bless you all. Love and Peace (b^.^)b

  48. Nemo Says:

    I’ve played a few routes a long time ago, and honestly I had no problem with the graphics. Obviously I’ve seen better (some of the latest VNs are amazing), but EnA is quite nice. I think I even liked them better than those in TtT…

    Anyways I’d better start looking for my game disc now that you guys are about done, not a clue where I’ve put it…

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