News Eien no Aselia Update: Chapters 4-5, Kyouko, Tokimi Routes Done


We’ve finished the full main storyline, plus the two expansion routes for Kyouko and Tokimi. This puts us about 2/3 of the way through the script. Now, we just need to finish the route-specific scenes for Aselia, Esperia, Orpha, Lesteena, and Uruka.

Thanks to Zergrinch, we now have karaoke subtitles for both versions of the OP video (Xuse released separate OP videos for the PC and PS2 versions of the game.) Comment on which one you like better.

PC Version:

PS2 Version:

77 Responses to “Eien no Aselia Update: Chapters 4-5, Kyouko, Tokimi Routes Done”

  1. Beato Says:

    PC version, It was that song that mademe intrested in Eien no Aselia from the beggining. And I simply can not stand the ps2 version if that is the verion you will use I will simply skip the op everytime.

  2. jojohh Says:

    Wow, already 50% of game is being patched!

    Although i finished this game long time ago, i still want to enjoy eng patched game as well.

    Xuse games are sure very long. for me, just finish reading one chapter takes 30 hours plus.

    Thanks for your work. i cannot stop my heart tremble!!

  3. Hatsuki Says:

    WOW… Thanks for you hard work guys!!! I have to say, I LOVE the opening of the PC version… but, I think it will be better to use PS2 version, since this is more like PS2 than PC… and PS2 Opening is more complete in terms of character and graphics… anyway, you can always hear the opening during the last battle and music opcion… so, I’m learning toward PS2 version ^^

  4. noble demon Says:

    i hope it have a strong story just like tears to tiara and fantasy story

  5. someone Says:

    i would say pc version is better

  6. Parame Says:

    69.4%.. It’s going so fast and yet, those 30.6% left seems so far away :p.

  7. Mega Says:

    i cant help but take a look here first thing every morning and look at the slow but sure progress (slow to me, lightning fast compared to all other translation projects out there:P )

  8. BunnyBun Says:

    I like the PC version ^_^.

  9. the_dude Says:

    I like the ps2 better…….just one question, what is the size of the script of this game? just wondering….i know it should be so much longer than normal games so i am guessing over 1.5mb?

  10. Belgaesh Says:

    I think the PS2 OP fits better.

  11. VisionsEdge Says:

    I’m hoping for a soon to be poll, so this can be decided quickly and surely with no arguments.

  12. Masamune Says:

    Wow this translation is moving fast.

  13. Aqzt Says:

    The translation speed is not that high, but that doesn’t really matter as you guys are really consistent in your translation and updates. Even if there is only a .1% increase in script translation after a day, it is still an indication that you are making progress, and this is a lot more thanmost translation groups can say.
    That’s why you guys are the best.

  14. Phlebas Says:

    A quick look gave me currently 18 votes for PS2, 28 for PC, and several dunnos/both.

    I’m personally advocating the option to in some form choose any of the following: keep original/PC subbed/PS2 subbed.

  15. Masamune Says:

    @Aqzt: It is coming along fast, i’ve followed alot of translation over the years and this
    game’s translation team are alot faster then most.

  16. Aqzt Says:

    I wasn’t saying it was slow, and yes, it is faster than most translations. However, I was saying that my personal favorite thing about the translation is the consistency. I definitely do NOT think that Dakkodango could be considered slow.
    After looking back at that last comment, I realized I forgot to delete that sentence about the tl speed being slow while typing it…
    I guess that’s where your comment came from Masamune. Sorry about that.

  17. Aqzt Says:

    In fact, thinking about it, I don’t even understand why I wrote that in the first place…

  18. Masamune Says:

    Yay, it’s gone up again. 🙂

    Aqzt, do you check here everyday too?

  19. Aqzt Says:

    Yes, yes I do 😀

  20. Masamune Says:

    Haha. See you tomorrow then, XD.

  21. HackAsmodeus Says:

    I like how fast this is coming along! I also like how often you guys update the progress. It makes me feel rather assured XD.

  22. kami0052 Says:

    Just curious, what does Dakkodango stand for?

  23. masterkof Says:

    song wise PC is better while picture wise ps2 is better

  24. bathrooms Says:

    Thorough and to the point, thanks.

  25. clc88 Says:

    the pc version has a better song and beginning…
    but i felt the ps2 version did a better after the first half of the song (when all the pics started to pop out)

    overall i enjoyed the pc version over the ps2 version

  26. Koka Says:

    I am with the PC faction. I like it better.

  27. fs Says:

    The PC OP has a retarded rhythm and sounds boring. PS2 is much better.

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