News Eien no Aselia – Kono Daichi no Hate de English Patch Released


Dakkodango is proud to announce the release of our second translation, the English localization of Eien no Aselia – Kono Daichi no Hate de. The patch can be downloaded at our downloads page. Make sure to visit our forums to report any errors or discuss the game.

Extras for Eien no Aselia, including subtitled op videos, world maps, a walkthrough, and more can be found here.

It is recommended that anyone still running our internal patch should now update to this version, which contains the necessary fonts.

EDIT: Version 1.02 released. Fixes an out of memory exception for some machines with less RAM.

EDIT: Version 1.03 released. Fixes an issue with Lesteena’s route. Fixes erroneous warning messages in the installer for some versions of Windows. Minor spelling corrections. This patch can be installed over any of the previous patches without problem. Updating is recommended.

100 Responses to “Eien no Aselia – Kono Daichi no Hate de English Patch Released”

  1. BunnyHanyou Says:


    You guys are the best translation group!!!! <333.


  2. heavenhunter Says:

    You are the best translation group i ever know. The extra is simply make it better.

    Btw, how to stay tuned with update version of this patch if update only inserted to this post as update ?
    FeedDemon can’t recognize edited content as new content, so notification doesn’t appear.

  3. Nicholas Says:

    Thank you very much for the great effort of translating this game, as well as providing the prompt support of releasing a fix to a memory issue that some of us are having when trying to apply the initial patch..the translation alone provides a great help to the english speaking people who likes very much to play this kind of game style.

    Hopefully this will send a signal to Japanese PC game developers that they have a market here for simply translating the game.

  4. YamiLeto Says:

    Playing this game and wow…..I can see why it would be hard to translate even the prologue is long. Also find it interesting that the makers decided to make a whole new language for Phantasmagoria. Thanks a lot you guys for translating an epic game!

  5. tak Says:

    Thanks. please relax yourself

  6. wingmaster Says:

    THANNKKSS A LOTTT… sorry for the caps since i’m really thankful tu u guys :p

  7. YamiLeto Says:

    Hmm just noticed something and curious if others are getting it…does the resolution of your screen seem to default to a lower resolution after playing full screen? After I installed the game whenever I start up or close the lid for a bit my laptop goes to the lowest resolution it has…….

  8. Carlos Says:

    Thanks a lot for all your hard work.I could have never play these games without you.It must have been a long hard work and I don’t supose anyone can thank you enough for doing these translation.Thanks again!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    yay another SRPG with eng sign to it ^^ nobody gets to sleep! Today we party all night long! πŸ˜€

  10. roze Says:

    you people are awesome :O

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Why the all ages version? This is not a VN but still the spirit goes all down removing the H scenes, and it’s not the original game so why the patch for all ages one?

    Fail seriously. Thank you for nothing.

  12. Neko Says:

    @anon: You try translating, editing, or testing ero. You will be wishing for a swift death within a week. And this version is much expanded over original ero version. In addition, how the hell does it kill the spirit? Someone needs to learn the difference between eroge, galge, VNs, and Sound Novels.

  13. Mahou Says:

    @anon: Dakkodango didn’t translate this game for ‘people’ like you, crawl back into your hole and never return.

    @Neko: A week? You’re being rather generous there. Someone of his/her caliber clearly doesn’t even have the capacity to think, let alone work on any form of project.

  14. blackhung Says:

    @Mahou: – Don’t mind these kind of people dear friend, there are always that stuff in this world, they will soon learn enough that is not how they gonna survive life.

    @Dakkodango minna: Seriously, thank you so much, so much for making the upcoming months worthwhile. I really need to take a short break from playing JP game with AGTH (which is still better than playing it understand nothing). Translation groups like you guy are certainly very important part of this universe :X :X :X

  15. Silifer Says:

    awesome but i have a slight problem ( must be a mistake i made though i fail to see where i did it ), i have no voices whatsoever during the game ( except the one when you arrive in the menu or when you quit the game). Can someone help me there?

  16. Phlebas Says:

    Reinstalling game in Japanese locale should fix that.

  17. oofa Says:

    Wow, it’s hard to believe BARBAROI and Eien are both Xuse games. Seriously, wow.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    >MORE CONTENT/all ages version
    I just can’t shake off that there was an 18+ version and it’s never going to be translated. Well, I guess all translations are good translations; thanks.

  19. love Says:

    I love you guys@dakkodango staff , just so you know πŸ™‚

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome translation, words alone can not describe my gratitude toward you guys

  21. mstrchef Says:

    How would repatching this work anyway? Do I just run the installer and it will replace the old stuff or do I have to reinstall everything. Also, I changed it to the adult cgs and changed the op, will I have to redo all of that?


  22. Pen Says:

    You’re amazing, absolutely amazing. All of you. I can’t imagine how much time this must have taken, but you did it anyway and for no reward. I love you guys. ;_;

  23. HackAsmodeus Says:

    mstrchef, go read the forums.

  24. Masamune Says:

    @Anonymous: Go take a long walk off a short pier.

  25. HackAsmodeus Says:

    To the anons who keep bitching about the no H-scenes: go read some hentai or something, if it bothers you so much.

  26. γƒ­γƒͺコン Says:

    Special Edition lol
    Any chance you guys will patch this when it comes out?

  27. lightl Says:

    taken from the forum thread about this, If there are no other changes to the release format, the patch will likely work with this version of Kono Daichi no Hate de as well, but impossible to confirm beforehand.

  28. γƒ­γƒͺコン Says:

    Seeing the re-drawn Aselia on cover alongside with old portrait killed me a little inside though >_>
    And Xuse confirmed there will be no re-drawn CG πŸ™

  29. Fiohnel Says:

    Thanks for all the hard work! You guys are doing a great job; I hope the team will be able to stick together to tackle new project.

  30. wia0 Says:

    I am happy this version of the game has no XXX.
    For me having xes with all these lolis is just unthinkable!

  31. Azul Says:

    Thank you very much for the translation started playing the game its awesome. Looking forward to your next project hopefully and its may be the sequel of this. Sorry thinking too far ahead, but thanks again for the translation

  32. Anon Says:

    Nice game. Gameplay is fairly good and story is average. The only think that irritates me is Kaori and Orpha. I fucking hate lolis and cute kids being depicted in a sexual way. Or any way. Period.
    But that’s just me. And all characters are just too small and thin. But hey, that’s japan, right?

  33. Ponyo Says:

    Average story? LOL

  34. uuppaa Says:

    wow. because of you guys, I can play this game! um.. that’s because I don’t know any japanese .

    I really appreciate Dakkodango!!!

    then, I’m playing this tonight~

  35. Anon Says:

    Yes Ponyo. Average story. Not THAT well written and nothing we have not seen before. Kind of childish, but maybe I’m just getting old…
    But I really appreciate it. It was a nice game, thanks dakkodango!

  36. mega Says:

    anon, so you’d prefer having lumberjack sized girls instead?

    if i have to choose myself id rather have them a tad bit smaller rather than bigger XD

    but i agree that having romantic subjects that’s too young (aka lolis) is a bit disturbing.

    but i have to disagree with the story, i have seen many that’s way worse. this one can actually stand on its own without the 18+ content which in my experience is a rare thing

  37. unkind Says:

    decent story, I love the gameplay even though it’s a bit clunky, nothing ctrl can’t take care of.

    This game is about 10x better than Tears to Tiara, which imo was god awful (combat, characters, and especially gameplay wise)

  38. AKA Says:

    Great job u guys. This game + your translations is awesome. I loved every second of it.

    Are you guys going to be doing another translation sometime in the future?

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  40. yukari Says:

    For the next translation you guys could considerate fortune summoners?
    btw thanks for the hard work^^

  41. Chaves Says:

    Thank you!!!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the hard work!! Any idea what you plan to translate next? Shin Koihime Musou’s game would be great to do. Anyway thanks again!

  43. mega Says:

    Lol mega, can’t we just say I prefer normal girls? Not over sized or small? I like boobs, ass, legs… JUST an example and not the best one, but ZYX characters are fine body-wise, even thou they all look ugly.
    And I agree with you, for an eroge, the story and plot is pretty good. BUT that’s not saying much, cause eroge tends to be weak in that area, at least the ones translated to english. But there are waaaaay better plots and stories out there.

  44. anon Says:

    Ops it was supposed to be “to mega” in the name field. Sorry, I’m anon

  45. Ran Says:

    oh if possible what about shukufuku no campanella? That one I heard is a good rpg vn.

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  47. Masterdiki Says:

    Fiufh! I have a long journey just to find the english patch, and finally, my journey got blessed. (exaggerated mode on)

    uh, but i have one question, can this patch work at my laptop? New, (downgrade version laptop)
    my laptop is HP, intel core 2 duo 1,60 GHz, 0.99 GB RAM and memory 128 MB mobile intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family.
    I’m desperated need help, can this game get installed (again) at my downgraded laptop? Sorry for not asking it at forum because i post this comment with my handheld phone.

  48. Clyth Says:

    thx a lot for your hard work and efforts to bring us another translation for a game we would otherwise be unable to enjoy… γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ™γ€€οΌˆI hope i put that in right -_-;)

  49. Anonymous Says:

    I hope to enjoy this game too but this is all ages VN…
    Anyway thank you guys all, keep doing good work like this

  50. catgirl hunter Says:

    so im wondering will u guys also do teh 18++ version while at it??

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