News Eien no Aselia Update: Lesteena Route Done


We’ve finished Lesteena’s route (not a very long one). Now only the three main heroine routes are left.

20 Responses to “Eien no Aselia Update: Lesteena Route Done”

  1. EchoMateria Says:

    Does everyone have their games ready?

  2. Mahou Says:

    Had mine ready for months now xD

    I love you guys, I really do <3 Keep up the good work.

  3. Mega Says:


    same here.
    cant wait for it to be finished 😉

  4. LEX Says:


    Of course it’s ready 😀 It was born ready! (Though I don’t really know whether computer games ar born or grown from seeds. Hm…)

    Again, nice (and fast) work, thank you!

  5. BunnyHanyou Says:


  6. kinunatzs Says:

    correct me if im wrong but you have a total of 15 chars in battle?

  7. VisionsEdge Says:


    Yeah about 15 total, as long as none dont die…

    My games been locked and loaded on my Hard Drive for awhile now, TIME TO PULL OUT THE BIG GUNS AGAIN

  8. clc88 Says:

    great work ^^

    i appreciate everything you’re doing

  9. roze Says:

    great work 🙂 thanks for updating even on holidays ^_^

  10. Lei Says:

    Looking forward to the completion! Thanks for your continuous hard work!!

  11. crowbar Says:

    The steady progress on the translation is great, but almost as great is the fact that you track and post the progress you’re making. It makes the waiting bearable!

  12. CD Says:

    Thanks for the great work. Now if only other translation teams could learn from your example and speed theirs up abit, and actually give us updates.

  13. Belgaesh Says:

    Yeah, I have my game ready. I can’t wait to see this babe in action.

  14. conanak99 Says:

    Good luck, minna-san ^^

  15. clc88 Says:

    happy new year!

    i see you progressed 0.4% since xmas, good job

  16. jojohh Says:

    WOow, i’ve never expected i can see this game eng patched.

    Thanks for your great work.

  17. Silifer Says:

    yeaa ready to fight ^^ since i almost finished my exams it will be a great pleasure to play it ^^

  18. clc88 Says:

    i lost my game, in my sea of unlabeled dvds T^T

  19. precelek Says:

    Interesting content. Bookmarked for future referrence

  20. unlock sony ericsson Says:

    I see a lot of good articles here, what template do you use ?

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