800x600 versions (and other stuff we'll never see)

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800x600 versions (and other stuff we'll never see)

Post by Lynx190 » Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:31 am

I was browsing Xuse's website (looking at info on Spitan) when I found that there was another version of EnA... the "digest" version, apparently acquirable by purchasing Spitan years ago. Based on the name and the HD space required, it seems like it must be a gameplay-less version, but combined the original version with the PS2 version just like the special edition does... and has 800x600 graphics instead of the 640x480 every other version has used. There's also apparently a similar deal with Spitan (the "Special Box", or Ane-tan), which also has 800x600 graphics and a similarly low HD space requirement. The latter can be purchased directly but that special version of EnA would seem to be next to impossible to acquire now. Damn, I would have loved to be able to skip all the tedious gameplay and have better resolution at the same time ;_; (also I sure wouldn't mind an 800x600 Spitan since I can't play it full-screen and use translation tools, 640x480 is horribly small on a widescreen monitor)

Man, I got really depressed about all the stuff I'll never be able to get ahold of as I continued browsing the site:
- limited Spitan pre-order artbook
- limited artbook with EnA Special Edition
- these bonus pics you get for ordering the SE from various sites (e.g. getchu has an image of Aselia in a bikini, messe-sanoh had a Helion pic)
- Xuse sells dakimakuras, right now they only have two from Seirei Tenshou... but looking at the image linking to that page, they at one point had a Helion one and an Aselia+Euphie one. Not that I have the disposable income to shell out over $100 on a pillowcase anyway, but it sucks knowing that even if I won the lottery I still wouldn't be able to acquire one ;_;

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