the Display screen turns back

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the Display screen turns back

Post by SumeragiVI » Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:28 am

hi!i'm getting a problem with the game,i need heIp.
i just downloaded the Eien no Aselia game from erogedownloads.
after i extracted the files,then the ISO files with ISO buster i installed the game and patched it.
when i play the game,the window comes up and everything looks fine.
when i click new game ,the game starts normally too with the BGM going and stuff.
but after a few lines the Display turns rather it turns off..the BGM was still going on.when i keep clicking the Mouse
it seems like the game was advancing too as the Nurse's voice came on.but there was nothing on the Display.its completely dark.
so i only think thats the problem.that Sword like cursor vanishes too but after i right click for the MEnu to come up and move the mouse
there was also the *tick*tick*tick* sound affect when touching the buttons..(u know what i mean right?)
i tried restarting it several timez and one time the display came on good for 1 min or so but then it kept flickering
like it was turning on and off and on again rapidly >.<
i am pretty new to playing VN's on PC but i didnt think i did anything wrong.
My PC OS is windows 8,i have the compatible DirectX installed.system locale is also Jap
the specs of my PC is high too.oh!and i use 32bit
anyway,i am seriously in need of help! :!: :!: :!: :?: :?: :?:

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