The original game is actually quite dark ? (spoiler)

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The original game is actually quite dark ? (spoiler)

Post by iamin7ove » Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:39 am

Be4 i used to think that the removal of H scenes in this version is quite annoying
but now, after i took a peek of the original game...I think i prefer The kono daichi no hate de version now...
ToO many H-scenes thats are unecessary in the original...(Esspeically Yuuto getting XXX BY an unknown spirit(girl) to steal his power when he first sets step in Phantasmagoria...As beautiful the spirit maybe, I have mixed feeling about this, really =o=)
And some scenes with evil Yuuto are a bit too intense. This is not the first time i see tentacles and stuffs but this is about the most intense ones i ever seen...KInda like guts =o=
...Im not that afraid of it since i played Saya no Uta and Shion already...but again, this is by far the most intense...Kinda left a bad taste in my mind when i go back playing the 12+ version...

The rape amount acutally is equal if not more than normal and comical ones...
Now, I really want to thank the producer that they made a renewal of the game and decided to make the sequel more 'light"... :mrgreen:
Its really a loss if i can't enjoy such good strategy series to the fullest just because of some stupid reasons said above .... :oops:

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