Random Note of Random to a Board nobody checks...(Spoilers)

Discuss the Tears to Tiara translation.
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Random Note of Random to a Board nobody checks...(Spoilers)

Post by VoidDragoon » Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:13 am

Yeah, i know nobody checks this board anymore, but i just randomly felt like playing this game.. and i have to say.. it was amazing... but... SERIOUSLY.. Seriously. Q_Q. What was up with the casting? Okay, Taliesen was a pervert, but atleast he got a little dragon to like him. Arawn was practically useless half the game, but gets laid by EVERYBODY for no reason.... And then Arthur, who I will still argue is the main character, even if its from Arawns POV because the entire point of the game was raising him toward being a king. He finds a magical god-slaying sword, defeats a divine tank, and becomes ruler of a kingdom... but doesnt even get laid once... I mean, its like an insult to manhood. Couldn't they have atleast given him a girlfriend or somthing? Yeah. thats my only long-winded complaint... I went through the entire game with the sole thought of "So, theres a guy who gets to be a god, then a legend, take a 1000 year nap, live frivalously, and get laid by multiple girls whenever he wants it,... then theres another one that tries to defend his pride, and fight for the good of his people, struggles his ass off,... and gets nothing. Poor Arthut Q_Q"

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Re: Random Note of Random to a Board nobody checks...(Spoile

Post by Phlebas » Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:19 pm

Yeah, Arthur needs more justice.
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