Memory loss/Eternal

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Memory loss/Eternal

Post by shamune » Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:29 am

Hello if anyone can awnser my question wich i really need without this i cant go any further with this game (mayor spoiler so dont read if u havent finish the game or are near the end)

As soon as i got to know that turning in an eternal is the same as never having been born -.- i kinda tough he will somehow be able to bypass this rule or fix it so that people will remember him.
But having played further and read some forum posts this seems to not be the case there are no characters in the game that will remember Yuuto except for Tokomi -.- meaning all routes will always end in Yuuto leaving or some other crap.
And pls just think about it the route i am currently playing is Lesteena forgetting that they have ever met is far worse than being unable to be together but still knowing you loved each other.

A lot of comments regarding him being immortal and not being able to bear seeing his friends die of old age while still being young is painfull so better make everyone forget him is kinda nonsense it is a bit painfull but they can still have a fun life ppl grow old and die that is a given in his case and his friends or family it just takes a bit of a diffrent shape.

So my question in this freaking game wich i liked from the very beginning is there a route or any person except from Tokomi who will remember yuuto or share a life with with him even when he becomes an eternal?
In the lesteena route at the end she will still not remember yuuto but they kinda make it seem that they will still love each other????? (i havnet finished this route but i lost all will to play this game when yuuto became an eternal and returned to the castle)

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Re: Memory loss/Eternal

Post by Alcion » Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:56 am

Correction: All other Eternals will still remember one who turns into an Eternal, not just Tokimi.
And lets just say you can get more Eternals than just Yuuto and Tokimi.

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