First playthrought stage 1, 2 SS with dragon's rumour

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First playthrought stage 1, 2 SS with dragon's rumour

Post by Zerotul » Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:58 am

Fisrt, thx a lots for translating this game dakodango staffs.
I just started playing after i noticed your patch is out and I'm a sore looser when it comes to challenges in games:
I want to get everything or most them while getting SS ranking and i'm stuck just on stage 2 with 7 turns because i sent orphe to the dragon cave in stage 1.
i've tried a lots of stuffs:
leveling up yuto alone while aselia and esperia are fighting but Yuto doesnt seems to gains any attacking skill
starting to attack with yuto, esperia on turn 1... etc
so if anyone succeded into getting ss at stage 2 in the same situation would you please tell me how?
sorry if my english is bad

Its solved i got to the water dragon cave in mission 3 where i have much more time, sorry for bothering, topic closed i guess

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