Nanaru's hitpoints at level 20

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Nanaru's hitpoints at level 20

Post by Jiten » Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:16 pm

I'm puzzled over Nanaru losing over half her hitpoints and a third of attack power on level up to level 20.

Before level up:
Leve 19
Class Amumahart
Life 3110
Attack 224%
Defense 95%
Resist 116%

After level up:
Level 20
Class Anohart
Life 1500
Attack 154%
Defense 95%
Resist 156%

It's like half her hitpoints just went poof and her attack went to resistance with a bad conversion ratio. Is this a bug? I'll be keeping her level 19 for the moment. As a result, I'm not quite sure if I want to increase her level to 20 now, even if she does get Arc Flare at 20.

Does anyone know anything about this? Preferably, how to avoid it happening?

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Re: Nanaru's hitpoints at level 20

Post by Phlebas » Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:17 am

The class progressions are oftentimes a bit weird as they instantly change the char's stats, and also change the stat progression so you'll see the classes proper effect after a while. I'd also say Nanaru's are particularly buggy as she has some overpowered strength early on.
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Re: Nanaru's hitpoints at level 20

Post by Volandum » Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:38 am

It doesn't matter anyway, because she'll hit KK eventually unless you do something silly, and that has the best stats.

Nanaru also learns some astonishingly pathetic moves.

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Re: Nanaru's hitpoints at level 20

Post by UnlimitedBlades » Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:15 am

Hey her single target spells have NO POWER, but they aren't totally useless. The attack debuff from firebolt has saved me before. Well soon enough they'll all be replaced by heavy hitting AOE spells. Nanaru has no attack or defense power, but her if it's support she does it REALLY WELL. I actually prefer to keep her off of KK for awhile since her Ran-something class has an insane power of 7%/level, meaning you can get 500% at level 60. While KK has much better hp/defense/resist, I won't be using Nanaru to tank anything so it's not needed. Her AoE spells might be weaker than Orpha's, but her higher attack more than makes up for it. For Normal to Hard modes Nanaru's the best support red spirit there is imo.

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Re: Nanaru's hitpoints at level 20

Post by Volandum » Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:14 am

Ignition's attack penalty has saved me in a few situations too.

You don't gain stats by levelling up in a class, you have stats by virtue of being a level in a class, if that makes sense. I agree that Nanaru's higher attack makes her a very good AoE user. I use Apoc II and Ignition on both Nanaru and Orpha any way, and the lack of mind restriction on Nanaru means that she's a lot stronger with Apocalypse II, and her Ignition is stronger on all counts.

Nanaru's not bad for taking hits actually, as she gets 8 mind for it.

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Re: Nanaru's hitpoints at level 20

Post by KholdStare88 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:22 pm

If you're just looking at damage (only comparing 19 & 20, since Apocalypse is still 5 levels away), Arc Flare @ 154% is about 29% more damaging than Flame Shower @ 224%. Plus, You'll get 3 uses of Arc Flare and 4 uses of a weakened Flame Shower (800 @ 154%) but it is STILL more powerful than Orpha's Flame Shower at level 20 (670 @ 153%). So I say why not just level Nanaru up instead of waiting forever at 19 for KK to come around.

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