H- Scene placement (spoilers)

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Re: H- Scene placement (spoilers)

Post by Lynx190 » Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:42 pm

I found it extremely amusing how in Esperia route, Xuse failed to remove the references to the Kaori H-scene; on two occasions it mentions "what he did with Kaori and Tokimi", even though there isn't the slightest hint of anything happening with Kaori (well, knowing that the scene existed, it's obvious where it was, but the text of the all-ages version suggests nothing beyond the kiss). But since sex with Tokimi is so blatantly implied, there's nothing else these lines could be referring to when they're mentioned together like that.

Personally I didn't mind the absence of most of the H-scenes, but I would have liked that Tokimi scene just for the comic factor. Similarly I would have liked to have the Orpha scenes just to see her violate Yuuto (all the later comments about Orpha having him under her thumb are that much better knowing of the H-scenes, I can only imagine Orpha raping him every night . :lol: ) Lesteena scenes would have been nice too just because her route had the least content to begin with.
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