Repeating scanlines

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Repeating scanlines

Post by temp » Sat Mar 27, 2010 6:38 am

Every 25th scanline seems to be followed by copy of itself in windowed mode, making picture look appalling. Have a look at attachment. Sword is distorted, girls are distorted, background is distorted. What's up with that?!
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Re: Repeating scanlines

Post by YamiLeto » Sat Mar 27, 2010 7:53 am

I'll reply for the translators when I say that this is known bug and it's from aspect ratios (I think that was it but not horribly sure)....if you want those lines gone play it fullscreen otherwise they don't go away.

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Re: Repeating scanlines

Post by fathorse » Wed Nov 10, 2010 11:20 am

Although I'm slightly late to the punch, I have a fix for this issue through using fullscreen + d3dwindower. I'm sure it still irks one or two people.

You can get D3DWindower here:
It's only a partial translation of the program but it often gets the job done.

Click the plus and add the game's main executable to d3dwindower.
Set the game config to fullscreen and press the play button on d3dwindower before booting up the game.
I suggest either using default settings on d3dwindower, or if you have a bit of screen real-estate, use 1280x960.

Resolutions that aren't a multiple of 640x480 will be distorted like ordinary windowed mode.

The game seems to min/maximize without reverting to the ugly window issue also.

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Re: Repeating scanlines

Post by Phlebas » Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:58 pm

Sweet, let me know if that works :D. It's been somewhat annoying for some people myself included.
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