Stats and Levels

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Stats and Levels

Postby ravensdark » Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:41 pm

I have been testing some on how level up stats work.
My conclusion is that level up stats for the most part is approximately equal to a character's base stats *.33 + torc or muffler bonus.

This seems to hold true for all the stats as well as hp and mp although there seems to be quite a bit of variation with hp and mp. I looked at L99 Riannon with mp the modifier was not .33 but about .37 but for hp it was about .33 when I was testing with the mercs it also held true for a .33 modifier. As far as the torc bonus I have concluded that it is added separately and not as part of a direct bonus to base stats.

What this means is that if you are playing with mercs it is extremely important to use the job change function multiple times so as to maximize the merc's base stats.

I found that each time you use the job change function it seems to boost the base stats of the merc by about 10% up to a limit of somewhere between 40% to 50% bonus on original base stats. So 4-5 job changes should give maximum stat potential. This also of course holds true for all stats including hp and mp.

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Re: Stats and Levels

Postby Mauzel » Sat May 09, 2009 8:19 pm

Thats about rite... And thats the way you discard the primary characters...;p
My minstrel could own Arawn...XD

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Re: Stats and Levels

Postby Trissskette » Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:05 am

I realise this thread is pretty old and the board gets less traffic than a streetwalker out on xmas eve, but here's my $0.02 anyway.

Base stats for a starting merc average around 20, right? A 50% max increase (i.e. half) equals 30. At each levelup since you get a .33 increase, for 20 that means 6.6 and 30 gets 9.9 (let's be generous and round them up to 7 and 10 respectively). Level 50 is 49 levelups from 1, so a base stat of 20 would get 343 points while a maxed 30 stat gets 490. A little over a 40% increase or so. That... isn't really all that much.

Well yeah every little bit helps and all that, I guess I've been spoiled by SRPGs like Disgaea, where base stat increases from transmigration can go up multiple times the original base, instead of being capped at half of it. I've really enjoyed TTT but the battle system is only a glimpse of how much further it could be developed.

Edit: I just compared a merc I put "through the paces" (gotten all skills, leveled with the muffler on), with an earlier merc with whom I just mucked around different jobs to check things out. Stat-wise there's not too much difference; the souped-up guy did have better stats but not by much, I'd say not even 20% better. Level difference still counted for more.

To repeat what someone posted earlier, just do the following to get all skills on a merc:
- male : Hunter(20), Soldier(22), Druid(50), Knight(50), Minstrel(50)
- female: Archer(20), Fencer(22), Paladin(20), Seer(50), Musician(50)
Takes only 1 battle to hit the 20s in postgame, and not that many more to hit 50. Wear the muffler if it'll make you happy. Then park the merc in the final class you've decided for it and get rid of the muffler. I like shoes, the movement rate in this game is annoyingly slow.

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Re: Stats and Levels

Postby ravensdark » Mon Oct 18, 2010 6:54 am

I just came back to try playing the game again for a while because I was rather bored with other things, and came looking for all the info that I forgot. I remember though about what I had learned about the absolute fastest way to level up characters. If you want loo over-level your characters then all you have to do is use area attack skills and spells. When you hit multiple targets with a spell or skill the experience gain is calculated by assuming all targets hit are the same level and it uses the highest level target. This is especially effective when you kill a monster. To take maximum advantage of this you need to over-level one or two characters using this method and then use your highest level character as a target. Go to a location with a lot of low level enemies the more the better. Then take your high level character and put it into the center of the group doing nothing. Then have your to be leveled character cast a area effect spell on the group hitting and damaging your high level character in the process. If you killed the monsters then you will get experience equivalent to killing those same monsters as if they were the same level as your character who you hit. Using this you can easily gain a party of mercs with very high stats very quickly. The only drawback to this method is that Arawn does not have an area effect attack. This means that he is the only one who you can not use this method with. You can still max a merc and then use your L99 merc as a target for Arawn, but that takes much longer to level then when you can gain 40 levels by casting one spell.

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