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We’ve finished translating and editing the script, and are now taking applications for beta testers. Please visit our forums if you’d like to sign up. Beta testing will begin in a week or two.

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  1. encubed » News Archive » Beta of Tiara Says:

    […] four months after Dakkodango Translations annnounced their Tears to Tiara translation, they are now ready for beta testing. The project is currently seeking beta testers. More details are available on their […]

  2. Mr. Bobo Says:

    o.O i checked yesterday and it was like 80.2% done. 😀 thats quite a jump!
    Good luck on the testing 😀

  3. Lolicon Says:

    Great Job!! I hope it would be released soon!!

  4. kp Says:

    my sincerest congratulations for such a hard work from your part =)

  5. Entendu Says:

    Thanks for the translation, bros.

  6. Sundae Says:

    That was fast O_o
    now, if the other translating project will go as smooth as this one….

    congratz, dakkodango team
    thx in advance for the patch 😛

  7. Jack Says:

    Hey Dakkodango team!, good Job you have finished.
    I have been looking for a this games translation project, but not many have been translated. I hope you continue your work from now on, translating the other games such as

  8. jani Says:

    does this game work i downloaded it butt it just hsuts down game dont evene start really wanna play this game plzz help me ;););)

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