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Due to various requests, the opening video of the game has been subtitled and will be included with the patch when it’s released. Thanks to conanak99 for timing, typesetting, and encoding. Tears to Tiara OP

The script is coming along, but we still really need editors who can read through the whole thing without losing interest after a week or so. Please inquire on IRC if you can help.

9 Responses to “Intro Movie Subbed”

  1. Kurogami Says:

    Awesome, the timing is great.

  2. Altzae Says:

    Yeah that’s pretty awesome, makes me want to play it even more. You guys like to torture 🙁 lol.

  3. conanak99 Says:
    I also make a karaoke version for this ^^

  4. X-Calibar Says:

    Nice work with the subtitiles! Especially enjoyed the karaoke version conanak99 😀

    One question… The video seems to skip frames/is choppy compared to the original video. Noticeable during scenes with action. Will the final video be like that? Or just for youtube?

  5. Phlebas Says:

    I think it’s just youtube, at least the video I checked earlier was fine. The smallest res OP is only 15fps to start with, though (800×600 is 30fps).

  6. minoru Says:

    With the steady progress, I wish the project would be finished before the new year. You guys are great, many fans out there would be in dept forever.

    Keep up the good work guys, a fan like me can only give words of encouragement.
    Best of luck!

  7. SnakeEater Says:

    I like the project you guys are doing and love the dedication you are putting into this translation. I wish u all the best of luck and can’t wait to play the game with yor translations. By the way, does this game have voices in it or do you just read ? Either way i’ll play this game for sure and once again thanks for working on it…

  8. cheese Says:

    The game is fully voiced, including the male protagonist.

  9. tabletki na pryszcze Says:

    I like your site design. What template did you use ?

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