News Eien no Aselia Update: Chapter 3 Done


We’re done with chapter three, which puts us 50% of the way through the game’s script. We still have chapters four and five, plus the route specific scenes left.

Here are some more screenshots using the new font:

38 Responses to “Eien no Aselia Update: Chapter 3 Done”

  1. VisionsEdge Says:

    Yay! A new blog! Thank you guys sooo much! Only 2 more chapters to go! Can’t wait for the full release! Hopefully by the time the new year comes so I can get some EnA gameplay in during the boring weekend with my family. (They don’t know whats important in life 😛 LOL)

  2. MaverickHL Says:

    Congratulations on hitting the halfway mark on the script. I hope to see the finish work soon.

  3. [101st_Air]Condor Says:

    Keep up the good work!
    I can’t wait to play some JRPG with visual novel style again.

    P.S I just wish sora no kiseki gets translated

  4. Sillarra Says:

    Keep up the good work! I’ll be patiently waiting for the release…

    Kidding — I can’t wait!

  5. DaBigD Says:

    As usual, thanks for the amount of work you’re putting in this. Gratz for reaching the 50% mark in less than half a year. I’m (im)patiently waiting for the full release, whenever that is.

  6. nanaki422 Says:

    thanks, really appreciate the work you guys are doing 😉

  7. LEX Says:

    Thank you for translating this game! It’s good to see that you progress steadily.

  8. blitz Says:

    I too am patiently awaiting the full release before i play it. its gonna be awesome 😛

    you have done great work.

  9. Sicksorrow Says:

    Wow excellent work!! Looking forward to the release!

  10. alyu Says:

    yay! keep it up guys!

    hoping for a release by the end of the year (or earlier)!

  11. kami99 Says:

    wow awesome!!! can’t wait for the full release.

    We really appreciate the work you guys are doing

  12. Silifer Says:

    Hi i just discovered your group in a kinda funny way xD. I was searching on youtube for tears to tiara anime opening and i found the game’s op then searched for the game and found a site which told that the game was already patched by your team ( i couldn’t believe my luck at the time ).A few minutes later i found this site and surprise again i find that you almost finished another project which needless to say looks absolutly awesome .

    So i truly thank you dakkodango for translating and allowing me to discovers those 2 games which scores perfectly in my taste ^^. You have my everlasting support.

  13. Akikojam Says:

    Good job in translating this 🙂 Thanks. Waiting for it to be completed 🙂

  14. UnderTheMoon Says:

    Congrats on getting this stuff translated so fast. keep up the amazing work.

  15. Victor Says:

    When this patch is finish Should i buy it or download it?

  16. VisionsEdge Says:

    Its a free patch mate… BUY THE GAME…

  17. Azul Says:

    Yay its 50% done keep up with the good work this is the #1 game I’m waiting for to be translated

  18. fate4life Says:

    Awesome translation guys, looking forward to the completed patch

  19. LEDAHGRIM Says:

    Phew!!! Finally got the game….
    I had to order the special package of seinarukana to just get this version of the game xD

    But wathever, this game is unbeliably awesome!!!!

    Thus i dont regret using some of my hard earned coins to puechase this ^^

    Now…. only waiting for the trnaslation to be done…

    Cheers!!! Infinitely good luck to everyone on the team!!! this is the best team ever!!!
    Or am i exagerating just a little….? XD

    Anyway thanks guys!!!

  20. AlfyMasamune Says:

    Do you have like 40 – 50 people doing the translation or something?

    You guy’s are so fast, so much better than other translation teams.

  21. Phlebas Says:

    Just a friendly bit of cheese.

  22. Mega Says:

    nice going, at this pace youll be done in no-time.

    i can hardly wait 😀

  23. Shiryuudan Says:

    keep up the good work
    i will cheer for you

  24. tak Says:

    Thanks a lot.
    I get Tears to Tiara from this site too.
    Keep up friends

  25. Aqzt Says:


  26. Shiryuudan Says:

    Yay! mission finished

  27. Empty Says:

    Yay! All that’s left is the script!

  28. Ruixi Says:


    one to go..gudluck!.:3

  29. Ruixi Says:

    one to go!


  30. kami52 Says:

    To Ruixi:
    Im kind of upset when i read you comments. Why would you said goodluck when there is absolutely no luck involving here? I mean, cheese, the translator, must translate words by words in order to get the project done. It’s his dedicated work and not some kind of supernatural power.

    Sorry of my rude words.

    Please keep up your awesome work. We, the fans are waiting and cheering on you.

  31. d00d Says:

    It’s just a phrase of encouragement like saying “God bless you” when someone sneezes. No need to get so uptight about it, I seriously doubt he meant any harm by it.

    Anyway, I loved TtT and I’m amazed at how fast you guys are, good job so far and I’m very much looking forward to your work. =P

  32. DFT Says:


    At least he isn’t wishing for bad luck… Sometimes bad luck is involved, like if you get arrested in the airport, or if your harddrive is ruined by mud or you get eaten by Saya. Plenty of bad things can happen :3
    I for one wish all of them them the best luck in the world.

  33. gougregg Says:

    man i love u guys. cant wait for the release. continue the good progress ^.^

  34. Tak Says:

    I’m here each day. love u

  35. Taki-chan Says:

    yaaaaaaaaaay omg ^-^ 71% <333333333333333333

  36. taki-chan Says:

    Nyaaaaaaa 77% T-T nice omg -poke- nyu ;x;

  37. Ricardo Says:

    yo yo 😉 82%
    Love u ~

  38. Taki-Chan Says:

    >_> 91!! go go gooo :c lalala >o<

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