News Eien no Aselia Update: Chapters 1-2 Done


We’ve finished translating up through chapter 2, which amounts to roughly a third of the game. In response to some feedback concerning the font, we’ve switched to another one, which you can see in these screenshots. Post a comment about what you think of it.

New Screenshots:

44 Responses to “Eien no Aselia Update: Chapters 1-2 Done”

  1. Chass Says:

    hmm…this may be odd, but i liked the old fonts better ^^”

  2. Flamesoul32 Says:

    I like the new font because it is not as thick as the old one. Although to tell you the truth I didn’t really have a problem with the original font…^^”. This one is better though.

    Good job getting through chaptor 2. How many chapters are there anyway? Does it depend on the character pathe you are on?

  3. Aethir Says:

    The old font wasn’t that bad, but this new font is better to me because it’s easier on my eyes for when I’m playing the game for long, long hours. Also, congratulations on completing chapter 2, I shall wait fervently for the rest.

  4. unkind Says:

    this font is fine tbh, tho you guys should steal the NNL font 😛

  5. HikariKyuubi Says:

    New font is definitely easier on the eyes, much better. Good job so far, keep it up. \../ (^_^)

  6. Phlebas Says:

    Flamesoul: there are 5 chapters (+long prologue and epilogue) total.

  7. kami99 Says:

    Whatever font is fine with me, but personally i think the original one is better cause the new one is kinda small.

    Great job, keep it up man!

  8. X-Calibar Says:

    Ah I forgot to look for fonts!
    Anyways, the new font matches the game’s art style very well in my opinion… Very nice! …but I admit it looks a bit thin; could be difficult to read? I play in full-screen so it probably wouldn’t be a problem.

    The previous font I didn’t like so much, since it reminded me of something like a stereotypical RPGmaker clone font. *suddenly remembers Excel Saga*
    The original font wasn’t bad, but it looks like a default japanese/english font?

  9. H4cko Says:

    “i think the original one is better cause the new one is kinda small.” Agreed

  10. Masakan Says:

    what the F**k a yofwal!?

  11. Mega Says:

    nice font, tho i would prefer it slightly thicker (for easier reading in windowed)

    btw, nice going with the translation 😀

  12. nanaki422 Says:

    both fonts are great. And I’ve got to say it again but damn you guys are fast at translating, great work ^^

  13. pandattax Says:

    I liked the new font, keep up the great work!!!


  14. Tinbad Says:

    Both fonts are easy to read, but the newer (smaller) one seems to fit the text box better.

  15. aqzt Says:

    Are you also going to be translating the game manual?

  16. Phlebas Says:

    The special package didn’t actually include a manual for Eien no Aselia, 2bad.

  17. Bian Zoldark Says:

    its really doesn’t matter to me, any font that you’re using, as long is readable to a plain sight, is acceptable.

    and i don’t really care about misspelling or grammar either, as long it has reached the main goal….


    can’t wait to try the alpha release.


  18. VisionsEdge Says:

    Can we be expecting an Update on the Progress Tracker pretty soon.

    Also, how many more weeks or months do you estimate, until completion of this project? And will you be choosing a third project anytime soon? My colleagues and I loved your work on Tears to Tiara and found the PC Visual Novel to be better than the PS3 Visual Novel because of its Real-Time Strategy Gameplay.

    Eien no Aselia is an awesome game, or should I say, one of the best I have played. I’d love to understand it in english, since using AGTH and Atlas don’t help really much with the decisions. Could there be a chance that the Patch will be released soon? I am sure a lot of people are anticipating it, and I’ll ask again what I asked previously… “What is the estimated time you or your team’s guesses will be until the Patch is completed?”

  19. Phlebas Says:

    The tracker’s updated pretty much every couple of days when cheese decides there’s enough new translation to warrant an update, last update was 3 days ago ^^. You can also make probably as good guess as to the completion by yourself by looking at when we started and current %, hard to predict further than that. We’ll of course do our best to bring the project to completion soon as possible. It should be noted though that there’s probably some 2-3x as much to translate as in TtT (the current translation’s already larger than the complete TtT script), so bear that in mind.


  20. VisionsEdge Says:

    Sounds Good. From playing the game, the story is pretty long and the tutorials themselves are big scripts. Hopefully I can be expecting the release in a couple months.

    I recently got the game and I am pretty impressed. Other then the lack of detail from the Background to the Avatars, their is awesome gameplay and a good storyline. Yet… I have no idea what the storyline is… haha… Guess only time will tell.

    Anyways, thanks for the reply, your words are enough for me to make this a genuine Update. Good job and keep at it. =) *thumbs up*

  21. Blitz7287 Says:

    Keep up the great work guys cant wait to play this.

  22. VisionsEdge Says:

    Yay Update… I don’t really see much difference but ITS PROGRESS! YAY!

  23. cranston Says:

    5 chapters would suggest this to be a short game. Is it? Or are the chapters extra-long? Or is Seinarukana Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 massive in comparison?

  24. TheGreenLink Says:

    Eh… The game is supposedly 50+ hours long from what VNDB says. Though I think I’ve heard the game was around 100+ hours long if you play all routes. I don’t think it’s short.

    Also, these guys, as far as I can tell, are doing a remarkable job at translating… The speed they are translating at is pretty amazing.

    Keep up the good work.

  25. cranston Says:

    My first playthrough of Seinarukana 2 was 100+hours. That was just one route. I’m at 300+ now and have completed a little more than half the routes.

    So, yeah, in comparison it does seem a bit short. But 50+ hours is a decent length of time.

  26. Mega Says:

    HOLY Sh*T 300+ hours is HUGE, in comparison most other games never reach 70 hours (to my experience, and I’ve been gaming for 12 years…) and the longest i have played another game is 150+ hours (disgaea) so 100+ hours for all routes is going to have me occupied for quite a while to come 😉
    now i can barely wait for the release.
    keep it up 😀 😀

  27. Parame Says:

    Just out of curiosity, you said there was three time more text than TtT.
    How much in ko would the script be?
    Just to compare with other game I played. For instance right now I’m playing Sengoku Rance with a script of 16 000 kb.
    So by comparing both I could get an idea of the size of the game I think ^^.

  28. Phlebas Says:

    Actually that kind of comparison is problematic in and of itself. It’s easy to compare to TtT since both scripts are extracted and worked on in the same format, but comparing to another game would be less fruitful since the scripts will be in different form (I’m not familiar with Rance but I think I can guarantee it doesn’t have a 16MB script because that’d make it easily the longest VN I’m aware of – that figure probably includes the script commands or such, which already makes the actual text size pure guesswork).

  29. Parame Says:

    I see, it’s more complicated than I thought ^^;.
    The 16 mb file for Sengoku Rance probably includes script commands as you said. I just based it on the number shown on the team’s front page but there is no mention of it being just dialogues.

  30. Phlebas Says:

    Hmm yea looks like I wasn’t reading that careful in the first place, they seem to be unusually calculating in “kb” which I guess would mean it’s a 2MB script. If that’s the size of the text only it’s probably about in the same range as EnA (I don’t actually have figures on the total script length of EnA atm so can just make a rough guess based on the translated scripts and the progress estimate).

  31. Phlebas Says:

    …And for more references I recall that the script of Little Busters! is about 3MB of text, the largest VNs I know have about 4MB of text and few have more than 2MB (actually something like 1MB seems like a pretty typical VN script size)… and 1MB seems to already generally equal to at least 20k lines or maybe more accurately something like 150k words).

  32. VisionsEdge Says:

    Hmm this might be odd to ask… but… will you guys be releasing version patches soon? I’d like to see how the game compatibility runs on, and I want the UI (User Interface) cause I can’t understand squat of it. 😛

    Anyways, if you guys aren’t doing that… a little blog update would be nice too. Thanks for your great work guys. Can’t wait to see the final product.

    Guess I’ll go and take Japanese Classes now… haha… 😉

  33. Phlebas Says:

    I think our conclusion was that we won’t be releasing any partial patches, because 1) it shouldn’t take that long to finish the whole project and 2) people should have the freedom of playing whichever route (including the route they didn’t plan to go on but ended up in anyway after trying to follow the Japanese walkthrough in vain), while a patch that includes the full English UI would probably just cause people to play the game ahead on untranslated routes and missing the story.
    Looking at past trend you can *probably* expect a short blog post again at the end of current chapter.
    If you want to test game compatibility, just get the latest patch from Xuse’s website.

  34. VisionsEdge Says:

    Wah… oh well… hope for a time estimate soon. 😛

    Good work guys.

  35. Jikuu Says:

    I like this font WAY better than the previous one. This one will definitely suit viewing from TV better, and be easier to read in general, because of the seemingly higher tracking effect that thinner lines produce. There also doesn’t seem to be kerning in use which made some of the words written with the first font look very thick (“seemed”, as per ) while some others weren’t bad at all (“girl”). Huge improvement!

  36. LEDAHGRIM Says:

    Hello guys I was extremely surprised to find an aselia translation project since i saw the game
    was only on japanase and it had a really complicated battle system i just put it away….

    tough i could not run it….. but later found the bunch of things you have to do for this game to work
    so heres my questions:

    first (and real stupid question) ¿Is this eien no selia 2? since i have the original disc from the game
    second: ¿after the patch is released is still gonna be nessesary to do all that for the game to run?
    (some game patches fix that so once translated is no longer nessesary the setup)

    finally great work guys i hope this is aselia 2 cuz i really wanted to understand it!!!
    best of luck and never falter!!!

    hope theres an answer to mi questions soon and sorry for being a bit pusshy

  37. VisionsEdge Says:

    No it is not Seinarukana. They are both different games from the same spin-off name and Eroge Company. Aselia 2 (Seinarukana) uses 3-D Rendering and Eien no Aselia uses 2-D… This Game in particular is the Non-H Version given along with Seinarukana when you buy its Expansion set. You get the a reworked and renewed version of Eien no Aselia.

    I believe the patch will work just fine if you have the disc/discs and if you have the game installed already it should work for that too. The same thing went for Tears to Tiara Patch I believe. But since I have long since deleted Tears to Tiara and given my friend that disc, I wouldn’t remember. 😛

  38. Phlebas Says:

    Well yep that’s about it. The game indeed doesn’t really run on latest OSs by default, but Xuse has fixed that themselves with patches, and the English patch will include the most up-to-date game patch so no worries there.

  39. LEDAHGRIM Says:

    So whats the exact name of it then?
    the one i have is called “seinarukana the spirit of the eternity sword 2”
    that means the patch will not work with the disc i have? ^

    if not oh man……..
    i dont want to order again to just use the patch and its hard to find these games
    took me about a month or so to find seinarukana the spirit of eternity sword 2
    but o well…….

    still i see if i can find the game this patch is for on internet to dl it……
    after all buying seinarukana is more tan enough to justify this right?
    or am i just some lazy bum?

    anyway im cheering for you guys on the work and i thinks its a bit late to say this
    but i currently know about 80% of japanese languague so i can read most games
    even if they’re not translated like the VN’s for the psp but i still like them in english
    so i can read faster he…

    and currently studying a lic on pc so later i can be a game programer
    and maybe then i return here to see what i can do guys xD

    not like im bragging or anything but i love everyone who does those tremendous
    efforts to help people and feel the happines of having acomplised their goals

    and i better shut up….im gettein way too oof topic and carried away….
    ill talk again when i get the game…….wish me luck?

  40. VisionsEdge Says:

    I don’t think so. Seinarukana (Spirit of Eternity Sword 2) has two editions. Regular and Expansion. The Expansion comes with Eien no Aselia (Spirit of Eternity Sword) ~Kono Daichi no Hate De~ which IS the remade Non-H version of the first Eien no Aselia.

    So it depends. Did you buy the Expansion, or did you just buy the regular?

  41. LEDAHGRIM Says:

    the regular but is this patch for the non hentai version then?
    that means ill have to look for the installation of the expansion pack of seinarukana
    on intenet? and if i find it will it also have eien no aselia -kono daichi no hate de-?

    cause i just foun a web with has seinarukana and the expansion pack apart on a diferent
    file and the installation of eien no aselia -eternal aselia or aseria-

    with yet another espansion pack called Eien no Aseria Ex: The Spirit of Eternity Sword Expansion Pack
    ( 永遠のアセリア EXPANSION )

    i wont post links to the web itself cause i think that goes against the policy of people who
    make patches (you know the ” buy the game when you have time” thing right? )

    aniway the files are large and i dont wanna get the worong one when i already bought
    the wrong one…….. it feels real weird

  42. VisionsEdge Says:

    Well, I don’t condone or think that getting Pirated games off the net is the right thing to do, but yeah… This is going to be the patch for the Non-H Version. I don’t know if it’ll work with the H-Game itself, but until that time comes, we’ll never know…

    That Eien No Aseria Ex game you mentioned… I have heard of it. But I would say no… That is a completely different game on its own account. It does involve the two main heroines

  43. Phlebas Says:

    You can refer to our first announcement post, and FAQ on forums for details on the releases.

    This version (which comes with the Seinarukana Special Package) includes the two Expansion routes.

    >>don’t know if it’ll work with the H-Game itself, but until that time comes, we’ll never know… << It won't.

  44. Phlebas Says:

    You can refer to the project announcement post and FAQ on forums for details in the releases.

    This version (comes with the Seinarukana Special Package) has the 2 Expansion routes built in.

    “I don’t know if it’ll work with the H-Game itself, but until that time comes, we’ll never know…” < It won't. Now you know.

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