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Here’s a progress update on the Eien no Aselia – Kono Daichi no Hate de translation. We’ve mostly finished the image editing work (roughly 2000 images) during the last month, and will begin focusing more on the script from now on. Currently, we’ve translated all of the prologue, and chapter one up through the first battle. As always, you can keep track of our progress by checking the progress column on the right of the page.

New Screenshots:

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  1. lightl Says:

    keep up the good work, cant wait to finnaly play this in english
    question are you gonna include the fix in the patch or will peopel have to d/l from xuse website?

  2. Phlebas Says:

    The installer for the English patch will have the latest game fixes built in, there won’t be a need to install any other patches.

  3. Ashlotte Says:

    Keep up the good work fellas, its greatly appreciated. ^_^

  4. Stanislav Says:

    You guys are great! 🙂 Loved TtT, and can’t wait to play this game too. Thanks for translating it!

  5. GN Says:

    another great update, you are like a lighting lol
    anyway are you planning on releasing the game per paths? or the complete game?

  6. crowbar Says:

    Amazing progress! I’m looking forward to it a lot.

  7. CL Says:

    Looking forward for this game to play in english keep up with the good work

  8. EchoMateria Says:

    Its one of the RPG/ADV’s that everyone should play at least once, even if they don’t like RPG’s.

    As an answer to GN’s question, patch will be released when its completely done, not as partials.

  9. SaruDa Says:

    Was really disappointed when I realized my Japanese was too scratchy for this game, so I was incredibly pleased when I learned you’d be translating it. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  10. Yoneda Says:

    Oh great nice speed =]
    I just started playing TtT =D
    nice work.

  11. pandattax Says:

    beautiful *.*

  12. Yin Says:

    Awesome! Played Tears to Tiara recently and found about your team on its wikipedia page. I am glad i did.

    You did a great job with TfT, million thanks for that. Cant wait for this new project 🙂

  13. Bani Says:

    Excellent work you guys. I’m really looking forward to this one. Tears To Tiara (and the translation) was great.

  14. SolidSnake916 Says:

    On the third screenshot there’s an error where it says SkiP, the P is capitalized, Also nice progress so far.

  15. Phlebas Says:

    It’s ‘elevated’ rather than capitalized to fit the vertical space better (it was in the original graphics) but yeah we’ve changed that since. There’s at least one typo in the pics too but it’s hard to spot. 😀

  16. Izen Says:


    Nice to see that everything is going smoothly. I already bought the game so im just waiting for you guys to finish the translations.

    Good luck ^^

  17. SolidSnake916 Says:

    Phlebas, you mean in the 2nd picture where it says Skill Infomation? because that’s missing in R.

  18. Phlebas Says:

    Well spotted~. They leave typos in the most unexpected of places :D.

  19. SolidSnake916 Says:

    Yeah, i didn’t noticed it, because i wasn’t really checking for typos, but it is a hard one to spot unless your really looking. It was sort of like them find whats front with this picture game book lol. I remember them things from like 12 years ago lol. Well, I’ll have to go pick this game up soon, so i’ll be able to maybe test the game and ofcourse play it lol. YAY!

  20. X-Calibar Says:

    In the third screenshot :
    Is that the font you’ll be using? And if so… is there a way to change it easily, user-end [like through options, or simply replacing the file and renaming it the same?]
    I’m not sold on it, for some reason…
    Original comparison :

    Anyways, great progress; I’m impressed!

  21. Phlebas Says:

    Yeah, that’s the original font, there’s no simple way to change it from options or anything. Bug cheese if you think it’s too hideous, I have no idea how hard it’d be to change ^^.

  22. SolidSnake916 Says:

    The font could probably be replaced but the fact remains how. I know utawarerumono font was easy to replace lol. Either way, the font doesn’t bother me, its sort of like Arial & Impact, also the cursive one is like Courier & Calligraphy. I might be mistaken on the fonts, i dint feel like double checking lol.

  23. goten Says:

    where can i dl that games?

  24. Azure Says:

    “where can i dl that games?”


    If you get a “403 Forbidden”, just refresh.


  25. xxx_burner Says:

    its great guys
    i already download the game
    will be waiting for the patch

  26. BunnyHanyou Says:

    Hi! I would just like to say I <3 you guys.

    😀 TY so much! ^_^.

  27. Eater-of-All Says:

    Amazing; 25% of the game is already done within two months. Keep up the good work Dakkodango, we really appreciate it! 😀

  28. Bian Zoldark Says:

    OH MY GOD !!! this is the fastest fan-translation group i’ve ever seen on the net !!!

    not even the well-known Mirr****M**n group has ever do a translation fastest and nearly perfect, as you guys did. ( i’ve tested yours tears to tiara patch, it works great on “new game” but it doesnt working well when i downloaded the save file, from sagaoz )

  29. Blitz7287 Says:

    I cant wait for this. you guys/girls are awesome for doing this. the game looks amazing

  30. nanaki422 Says:

    damn, you guys are really fast, the translation has already come this far O_O
    and thanks for taking up this project ^^

  31. kami9990 Says:

    wow awesome! can’t wait for the complete translation

  32. unkind Says:

    all hail cheese!

  33. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the work on Tears to Tiara. I cant wait till you have Eselia finished ^.^/.
    Once again thank you

  34. Wish Says:

    Hi im new just wanted to say
    good job and thanks
    i just started playing tears to tiara recently
    and ill be waiting for your
    Eien no Aselia – Kono Daichi no Hate de english patch
    keep up the good work! alot of ppl are counting on you guys

  35. BunnyHanyou Says:

    How do I donate to the site or projects? I really want to donate, bcuz I appreciate you guys effort and speed! There is no translation group that is as fast as you guys!

  36. Empty Says:

    I really want to thank the translators/coders who work towards this future translation.
    You give a lot of us the hope of tasting some excellent games which are unrivaled in the western world.

    Keep up the good work.

  37. kami9990 Says:

    Hello, I just found a site (blog to be accurated) called Nighteye159. The owner of the blog has already translated most of Eien no Aselia in form of text. Im not sure Dakkodango group know about Nighteye159 or not but if you guy didn’t know, i’d hope you guys could cooperate somehow to speed up the progress.

    Here is the address:

    Besides, i want to donate to donate to the site just like BunnyHanyou. Do you accept donation?

  38. Phlebas Says:

    Yes we know about him, however it’s Seinarukana he’s been translating more properly; from what I saw he has something like chapter summaries of (one route of) the original EnA game, so it’s not very useful in this context.

    Umh dno about donations, there’s been no plans for them, you can try to talk to cheese on IRC or thru forums.

  39. ShiroiRyu Says:

    One question about the game : This game is the first of the series…
    And it’s not a eroge…
    But the second is ?
    (i have looked on Seinarukana … And one blog speak about that)

  40. Phlebas Says:

    The ‘indirect sequel’ Seinarukana is 18+ yes, we’re working on a release of the first game that’s 12+.

  41. flamesoul32 Says:

    I have to say I am really looking forward to this and am very grateful for all the hardwork you guys are putting into translating this game. I recently watched the rather lakluster 2 epsode anime and I have to say that the characters and world interest me. I really want to know where the story goes from were the anime ends(not to mention all the stuff they cut out to make it so that the anime actually goes somewhere in two episodes).

    I know it is way to early to say whether or not you are going to translate the second game as well(since everyone that buys the first will own the second) but I will say that it has my vote. I listened to the music for the second game and I loved it. I was wondering how the first game compares in your opinion.

  42. EchoMateria Says:


    Seinarukana has 1-2 hentai scenes per heroine/route. Aside from one yuri act involving one of the very minor characters in the main route. Considering that it took me around 80 hours to finish the game for the first time, 5 minutes worth of hentai content is hardly worth mentioning. Aside from that game doesn’t even have any fanservice, it’s almost safe for kids, if you can trick them to leave the room on one scene that is 😉


    Seinarukana is a sequel to Eien no Aselia, without spoiling things for everyone it can be said that it shares some characters and locations. But it is not a direct sequel, two games stories are not connected to each other in a strict sense and each can be played independently.

  43. Llednarr Says:

    I’d like to thanks all the staff for their hard work.
    And I have a question… Would it be possible to release something before the translation is 100% finished?

    Anyway, keep going, that’s the way to go Dakkodango!
    Love this game.

  44. fate4life Says:

    Thanks for the Tears to tiara patch, looking forward to this release when you guys finish

  45. TAW2 Says:

    hi!! i will only say this:
    thank u for translate the games

  46. jonybravito Says:

    well,just dropped by to check the progress ^^, it’s going really quickly, you guys are awesome 😀
    I just finished Tears to Tiara 2 days ago, thanks for the patch 🙂

  47. Gillon Says:

    Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  48. Diane D. Bridging Says:

    Brillant what an idea!. Amazing. Did you hear about the two peanuts walking in the park? One was a salted

  49. John Says:

    Why didn’t guys translate the 18+? Are you guys afraid?

  50. John Says:

    You guys are pussies.

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