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We just passed the 50% mark and are making steady progress. Thanks to the heroic editing skills of Phlebas and Kurogami, the editing has kept up with the translation despite half of our staff mysteriously falling off the face of the earth. We are in need of a new graphics editor though. Please inquire on IRC if you can help.
Some new screenshots:

4 Responses to “Steady Progress”

  1. Kurogami Says:

    Wow I like how the site looks now. Looks way better.

  2. Lolicon Says:

    I agree with kurogami, the site looks better now..

  3. showers Says:

    Loved the review I thought the same I cannot challenge it in anyway. Have you got a list of your current review for me to read? I have also created some reviews for you to read on my blog…

  4. bathroom mirrors Says:

    Thanks for posting this, lifted my day.

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